Our Facility

TDJ utilises both an EDI system for total electronic account management in combination with our proprietary online “intranet” ordering facility. These systems are major contributors to our speed and efficiency with regard to our turn around times for customer orders. Whilst these systems greatly improve efficiency, TDJ recognises that some customers prefer traditional methods when it comes to business dealings. As such, we still provide person to person service to customers via our in house phone sales and service department and our external representative force.

No system is complete without a modern, well-equipped and spacious warehouse facility. In combination with our above-mentioned Business to Business systems, most orders are turned around within 24 hours from order placement. We also have a very low pick error percentage thanks to modern scan pick technology system.

Located just 20 minutes drive South East of Melbourne’s CBD, TDJ's operation is located at 78 Mills Rd, Braeside in the state of Victoria. Housed within this purpose built 76,000 sq. foot facility resides our business operations centre and national distribution facility.


R&D Centre

Within our company structure we have the resources that enable us to work with a concept and materialise that concept to a completed product ready for market within a relatively short period of time.


Graphic Design

TDJ has an in-house team of designers who operate out of our modern studio located at our head office in Melbourne. Our Graphic Designers embrace a vast range of knowledge, experience and flair which leads to the output of distinctly renowned, fresh and professional packaging, marketing/promotional material, catalogues and web sites.


Industrial Design

TDJ employs the professional service of a team of Industrial Designers for the creation and development of concepts, incorporating specifications that optimise the function, value and appearance of products and systems for the mutual benefit of both user and manufacturer. This ensures that our products are unique, distinctive, fashionable, functional and cost effective, in turn benefiting the retailer and consumer alike.


Service Department


Our In-house service Technicians provide technical support, repairs and spare parts for all warranty and non warranty items.
Our technicians also play a vital role in our R&D process, helping to develop, revise and improve the electrical components of our new products.



Our on-site workshop enables us conduct product fitment testing and also enables us to ensure our products are going to fit and function as designed.



 Our efficient and modern warehouse facility provides capacity for growth and timely distribution. A combination of our online B2B ordering portal and our internal order despatch policy helps us get your orders out in the shortest time possible.
Working with some of the countries most reliable freight companies enables us to provide the best customer experience when it comes to stock ordering.