Simple API Demo

This page serves to demonstrate the Aerpro API.


Feel free to read the source, see how this works, check the javascript console for all logged messages (it's in verbose!).



  1. Load jQuery (10+)
    <script src="""></script>
  2. Load the plugin:
    <script src="""></script>
  3. Define a callback function:
    <script>window.WhatDoWeDo = function(data){ // Write whatever you like! }></script>
  4. Create a place for the plugin to exist:
    <div id="aerpro-selector-here"></div>
  5. Finally, tell the plugin to use the callback function on Model Select completion:

Load the page in your browser, watch the Network tab for more details, it should show GET requests to You can analyse the raw/interpreted JSON response yourself, or check the RAW output window pretty-printed above.

Email the Aerpro API officer.